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Concealed Carry Course Part 1-Introduction

The 1st course in a series of courses for the shooter who is considering carrying a concealed firearm for self defense. The course is designed to give students a solid foundation of knowledge in the concealed carry of firearms. The course includes live fire, practical application of drawing techniques and practical shooting.


This course is a prerequisite for our Concealed Carry Part 2 class.

Level:  Patriot  |   Registration fee:  $200  / $200 (AFS members)

Course length is 5 hours


Pre-requisite: Student must have their Mass LTC and or have a license to carry (from any state) and have their own handgun. Students must have taken the Essential Skills Course prior to taking the Intro to Concealed Carry Course.


Equipment needed for Course:


• Centerfire pistol

• Strong side belt holster

• 200 rounds (Reloads / Remanufactured ammo not allowed)

• Notebook and Pen

• Eye Pro

• Ear Pro

• Positive Attitude


For more information or to find out when this class will be offered please contact Christian Pullano at


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