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AR-15 Part 1

This course is the first in a three part series. If you have just purchased an AR rifle or would like to rent one of ours and want to start off in the right direction, this is the class for you. Understanding the rifle inside and out will get you more comfortable with your rifle, and get you ready for the next step.



Level:  Patriot  |   Registration fee:  $200  / $200 (AFS members)

This course will cover


• History of the AR-15  platform

• Understanding the AR-15 breakdown and rifle capabilities

• Trajectory of the .223/5.56 and zeroing process

• Basic rifle marksmanship

• Rifle optics


Course Prerequisite: None


This is a 5 hour course


Equipment needed for Course:


• AR / M4 style rifle (if you don't have one you can rent one of ours, please contact Justine Sirota to reserve one)

• 100 rounds (Reloads / Remanufactured ammo not allowed)

• Minimum of 2 AR style Magazines

• Notebook and Pen

• Eye Pro

• Ear Pro

• Positive attitude




For more information or to find out when this class will be offered please contact Justine at


Thank you.




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