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AR-15 Part 3

This course is will encompass all the techniques you learned in the previous classes with the addition of a secondary firearm.

Level:  Patriot  |   Registration fee:  $200  / $200 (AFS members)

This course will cover


• Transitioning from a primary to a secondary firearm

• Unconventional shooting positions

• Incorporating proper mindset into your shooting style

• Shooting under stressful conditions


Course Prerequisite: Essential Skills , AR-15 Part 1 , AR-15 Part 2 


This is a 6 hour course, limit 12 students per class



Equipment Needed for Course


• .223/5.56 Rifle (if you don't have one you can rent one of ours, please contact Christian Pullano to reserve one)

• Handgun

• 100 Rifle rounds (Reloads / Remanufactured ammo not allowed)

• 100 Pistol rounds (Reloads / Remanufactured ammo not allowed)

• Rifle Sling (preferably 2 point or 1 point)

• Holster for your handgun

• At least 2 magazines per firearm

• Magazine pouches for primary and secondary mags.

• Notebook and pen

• Positive attitude




For more information or to find out when this class will be offered please contact Justine at


Thank you.



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