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Defensive Shooting Drills

Looking to develop your Defensive Shooting Skills? Then come join us for a series of Defensive Shooting Drills that will surely help you to become a better shooter!

Level:  Patriot  |   Registration fee:  $200  / $200 (AFS members)


Topics Covered:


Barricade Shooting

Shooting from Cover Supported and Unsupported

Conventional Shooting Drills

Unconventional Shooting Drills

Timed Drills

Firearm transitions from Primary to Secondary

Movement Drills

Situational Awareness / Mindset

Shooting from various Ports


Equipment Needed for Course


You are welcome to bring both a Carbine and a pistol or one of the other.  It's up to you. If you don't have one you can rent one of ours, please contact Christian Pullano to reserve one. (Reloads / Remanufactured ammo not allowed)


Carbine with sling with at least 2 Mags

Pistol with holster with at least 2 Mags (Optional)

Mag pouches for Primary and Secondary Firearms

Eye Pro

Ear Pro

Notebook & Pen

Positvie Attitude


Drills are from 4:00pm to 9:00pm





For more information or to find out when this class will be offered please contact Justine at


Thank you.



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