Give it Your Best Shot
Monthly Shooting Competition

American Firearm School's Monthly Shooting Competition was created to enhance personal marksmanship skills through friendly and safe competition. The AFS monthly Competitions will be in accordance with NRA Conventional Pistol competition (more commonly known as Bullseye). All fired shots will be taken standing, timed, and with iron sights.

Give it your best shot. One target per day

Each Competition takes place over a full month. Results are tallied and prizes awarded shortly thereafter. Shooters may compete only one time per day. New contest starts at the first of each month.

  • Target must be a Competition Target (Sample Competition Target)
  • Shooter announces in advance to AFS range officer that his next Target is "live"
  • Shooting must be witnessed and target signed by an AFS Range Officer
  • Competition is for pistols and revolvers only (any caliber)
  • Target must be at 10 yards (30 feet)
  • "Iron Sights" must be used (no scopes, red dots, etc.)
  • Total of 5 rounds per day will be fired (in a 30 second time limit)
  • Shooter must be in the standing position
  • Shooter can use either one hand or two
  • Shooting must be unsupported from any benches, walls, etc.

Monthly Prizes

(1) annual AFS membership and Bragging rights!


Included in Range Time

Additional Rules & Regulations

Safety First

All range rules must be followed at all times. All safety rules are governed by the Range Rules of AFS. The Range Safety Officer (RSO) has ultimate say in regards to safety, range conditions, and any other non-competition related issues at the time of the matches.

All Participants have the capability of calling for a "CEASE FIRE" if conditions dictate.

The AFS waiver form is required to be filled out and kept on file for all competitors. Your signature shows you have read it carefully and understand the dangers and risks involved with firearms.

Permitted Firearms

Any safe operating center fire (CF) pistol or revolver, including .22 caliber, may be used.

Competition Procedures

A competitor may "practice" shooting on their own targets prior to firing on the "official" AFS target used for the competition. Only one (1) "official" target will be supplied/purchased per shooter per day.

A competitor's first fired "official" target on a given day must be "for the record."

Shooters electing to shoot must ensure that each score card is clearly marked to indicate whether the shooter has an individual membership or is in another category (shooting as a non-member or on a corporate membership).

Completed score cards are to be turned in to the front counter as soon as possible after the shooting is completed. Score cards must be turned in the same day they are fired. The score card must be signed by the shooter and the scorer. Score cards not properly completed may be voided. Score cards must be legible.

Scoring Disputes

An additional AFS employee (who need not have witnessed the shooting) shall serve as "referee" whenever the competitor and scorer cannot agree on the scoring of a target. The "referee" shall have the final say and his or her score will count as the daily score.

Any matter not specifically covered by AFS or competition rules, shall be governed under current NRA CONVENTIONAL PISTOL RULES. A copy of which can be found on line.

Other Conditions and Rules

AFS Employees and their family members may not enter.

Rules and rulings are solely in the discretion of AFS. It reserves the right to cancel the Competition or to change its rules prior to the start of any month.

These monthly contests are intended as a bona fide competition which tests skills and which also rewards persistent training for those who enter frequently. It is not a lottery or game of chance.

AFS will maintain a log of all competitors and the days they have shot in a monthly competition. If you are an out of state shooter coming to AFS with your pistol to participate in the competition, AFS will separately certify your attendance for that purpose on request.

The competition will be fired every day of the week during business hours, unless weather conditions, mechanical failure of range equipment or some unusual condition that makes firing impractical. The AFS staff will make every attempt possible to notification of a cancellation as soon as it is known.

Annual membership gift cards will only be issued to non members. Current members will be able to apply a credit to their account for renewal 3 months prior to it expiring. Memberships are not able to be transferred.

For questions regarding the AFS Monthly Competition email